Made Exclusively for the Yaesu FT-817, 817ND and FT-818 Hundreds of satisfied 817 escort owners all over the world                    

    Customer feedback ..... "Yaesu should make this standard equipment!  It looks as good as it functions"      Richard KG7GDP                              

  "congratulations on excellent products"  Keith G0RQQ  Lincoln, England 

" I received the shipment yesterday, unboxed and installed. Nice product! Well done!   Thank you for your fast response and excellent service" Best regards,   Gary – W7TXR                         

817 escort OD Green

817 escort shown in OD Green. 817-ESG (radio and strap not included)

The 817 escort is the Ultimate Tactical Carrier for the Yaesu FT-817ND amateur radio (also fits FT-817) . It adds front panel protection, a tilting stand and quick release carrying strap capability in the front or rear. 

The 817 escort includes the side panels, tilting stand , 2 matching color trigger snap clips and all necessary mounting hardware.

(Uses your original 817 strap, matching color Trigger snaps included)

Available in Black Texture or OD Green high quality powder coated finish.

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The 817 escort is a rugged laser cut aluminum frame assembly with an integral tilting stand.  It protects the delicate front panel controls from damage while operating in rough environments or transporting your transceiver while hiking and traveling.

  • 5052 Aluminum Military grade Construction with high quality powder coated finish
  • Tactical Design adds functionality and Radio Protection
  • Includes an integral tilting stand and carrying Strap mounting positions on front and rear.
  • Light weight. Only 3.9 ounces


The 817escort is easily installed on your radio and the quick release trigger snaps allow attachment or removal of your strap in seconds. Transport your Yaesu FT-817 safely & Confidently with the 817 escort.

  • Take it Backpacking, Mountain topping, or on Vacation
  • Tilting stand is perfect for raising the viewing angle or tilt it down for space conservation
  • Installation and Removal is Fast & Easy
  • Protects the delicate front panel controls reducing damage
  • Supports safe transportation and operation of your Yaesu FT-817ND