Amateur Radio Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Escort Kits include the mounting screws?     Yes   All mounting screws are included with your order. The 891, 857 and 706 have optional thumb screws available.

Can I use a batteries from a different company in your batter cases?   Yes if you can find one that fits the battery box however the batteries we recommend from Bioenno power are textremely high quality with competitive with the pricing. All battery case inner dimensions are listed on th eproduct page in the online store.

Can I use my radio totally portable with the sprint systems?   Yes. After you purchase your battery and install it , All you need to do is make the necessary wiring connections to the battery, charge the battery and connect your antenna (not included) and you are ready to operate. Always ensure proper power settings and antenna matching.

How much transmit power can I use while running on battery power   That depends on the battery choice and mode that you are using. Check the max current draw in the battery specifications. The 6+6 system will allow about 30 watts SSB with 1 battery and 60 plus watts with 2 batteries and the optional splitter cable.

I noticed that in your photos and videos you show Anderson® connectors on the batteries and radios. Why is that?  We reccommend Anderson® connectors be used whenever possible. They are becomming the standard for many DC connections.

Will the 817 escort fit both the FT-817 and the FT-818? Yes. The 817 escort fits both radios.