Amateur Radio Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 857 sprint and 706 sprint include the battery and charger?     No they do not. The battery and charger are sold separately and supplied through Batteryspace.com. This decision was made in order to assure that you get the freshest battery possible and the lowest price on both the battery and charger. (see link on order page)

Can I use a battery from a different company?   Yes if you can find one that fits the battery box however Batteryspace.com has designed a custom battery to fit the Sprint series and is extremely competitive with the pricing.

What are the battery box inner dimensions.?

857 sprint = 6.140" (155.956 mm) wide X 3.825" (97.155) deep X 1.130" (28.70 MM) tall.

706 sprint = 6.625" (168.275 mm) wide X 3.825" (97.155) deep X 1.130" (28.70 MM) tall.

Can I use my radio totally portable with the 857 and 706 sprint system?   Yes. After you purchase your battery and install it . The battery pack is self contained on the top of the radio. All you need to do is make the necessary wiring connections to the battery, charge the battery and connect your antenna (not included) and you are ready to operate. Always ensure proper antenna matching to avoid high SWR.

How much transmit power can I use while running on the 857 sprint?   That depends on the mode that you are using. Our test have shown up to 25 watts SSB voice.

How long can I operate my radio for? The battery pack is 4.5 Amp Hour. That means you can draw 1 amp for about 4.5 hours. The yaesu 857d draws about .6 amps on receive so you could receive for up to 7.5 hours. The icom 706 draws about 1.2 amps on receive. Transmitting will decrease that time. ( Performance varies)

Does Batteryspace.com supply chargers that operate on 12V rather than 120 volt household current? Yes. See order page for links to the charger options.

I noticed that in your photos and videos you show Anderson® connectors on the batteries and radios. Why is that?  We reccommend Anderson® connectors be used whenever possible. The Yaesu 857d is shipped with a Molex® connector on the end of the short power cable attached to the radio. We cut that off and installed Anderson connectors. This makes the power leads easily switchable between battery, shack, and vehicle opwer. The thin brown wire (when connected to negitave) limits the radio to 20 watts. Radio power level settings should be carefully monitored while operating from the battey pack if you elect not to ground the brown lead.

Can I use my sprint or escort series without the protective outer frame?  Yes you can remove the outer frame and the 4 mounting brackets however shorter bolts must be used or damage to the radio circuit board can result. This is very important. ( short bolts are ancluded in the kit for this purpose) See instructions for the proper technique.

Do you sell a sprint package that also contains the escort side panels so I can convert my sprint into an escort when I only want the carrying strap capabilities. Yes. Check the order page and ebay listings for available kits with different options.

Will the 817 escort fit both the FT-817 and the FT-817ND? Yes. The 817 escort fits both.